Remanufacturing is the process of disassembling used items, inspecting and repairing/reworking the components, and using these in new product manufacture.
Pranab Majumder, Harry Groenevelt "Competition In Remanufacturing"

Sensormatic Speed Dome remanufacturing

Any version of the Speed Dome 2000

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Ultra Dome remanufacturing

All versions of the Ultra Dome

Intellex Remanufacturing with 2TB Internal Storage

Intellex 4.3 Premier Upgrade to Windows 10 Operating System

Sensormatic Matrix Keyboards

Remanufacturing Service

Detacher Remanufacturing

Both hand and tabletop detachers

American Dynamics ADMP48-E Matrix Switch Remanufacturing

Remanufacture Service

Sensormatic VM-96 Switch Remanufacturing Service

Sensormatic VM-96 Switch

Sensormatic Ultramax Power Pack Remanufacturing

All M4K, 216, 9040